Contextual Correlation Visual Media Understanding and Search


Shuqiang Jiang

Professor in Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)

The Title of Speech: Contextual Correlation Visual Media Understanding and Search

Abstract of Speech:

The amount of multimedia data from different sources are growing very fast, especially image and video data. This causes that visual media are becoming the majority component of information acquisition, exchange and consumption in various applications. Visual search has important application potentials, where visual representation and understanding plays an important role. In this talk, I will first give a background analysis about this research area and then introduce our recent processes on two aspects. One aspect is contextual based visual understanding, including techniques of object-object-relation based image recognition, scene graph based image captioning, attribute based venue recognition. Another aspect is regional contextual analysis for visual search, including techniques of common object detection, expressional region retrieval, and two stage regional processing integration for instance-based image search.

Biography of the Speaker:

Shuqiang Jiang is a professor with the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and a professor in University of CAS. He is also with the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing, CAS. His research interests include multimedia processing and intelligent understanding, pattern recognition, and computer vision. He has authored or coauthored more than 100 papers on the related research topics. He was supported by the New-Star program of Science and Technology of Beijing Metropolis in 2008, NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund in 2013, Young top-notch talent of Ten Thousand Talent Program in 2014. He won the CAS International Cooperation Award for Young Scientists in 2014, and the CCF Award of Science and Technology in 2012. He is the senior member of IEEE and CCF, member of ACM, Associate Editor of ACM ToMM, Multimedia Tools and Applications. He is the vice Chair of IEEE CASS Beijing Chapter, vice chair of ACM SIGMM China chapter. He has served as an organization member of more than 20 academic conferences, including the general chair of ICIMCS 2015, program chair of ICIMCS2010, PCM2017, ACM Multimedia Asia2019, He has also served as a TPC member for many conferences, including ACM Multimedia, CVPR, ICCV, IJCAI, ICME, ICIP, etc.