Applications of Advanced Data Mining Techniques on Healthcare Data Analytics


Distinguished Professor Chengqi Zhang

Associate Vice-President (Research Relationships China)

University of Technology Sydney

Chair of the ACS National Committee for Artificial Intelligence,

General Chair of the 2024 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The Title of Speech: Applications of Advanced Data Mining Techniques on Healthcare Data Analytics

Abstract of Speech:

The embedding-based data mining is to transform the raw data into useful information that is easy to consume by the downstream tasks, such as classification, predictive analysis, and clustering. The embedding function is traditionally dominated by various pattern mining algorithms and is recently driven by the deep learning-based embedding technique. In this talk, I will briefly introduce our recent data mining practices on the application domain of big healthcare data.

Biography of the Speaker:

Professor Chengqi Zhang 's key research fields are Artificial Intelligence, data mining, deep learning and their applications. With h-index of 54, he has a total of 339 scientific papers that most of them have been published in the top-class journals and conference proceedings. Since 2004, he has been awarded 14 ARC grants. He has been invited to deliver 26 keynote speeches at international conferences. In 2011, he won the New South Wales Science and Engineering (Engineering and ICT category) Award and the UTS Vice Chancellor Award for Research Excellence (Leadership category). He has supervised more than 30 PhD students to completion, of which eight graduates are now full professors. His recent research work with his PhD students has received support from the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII), UTS.

He had been the founding director of the Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems (QCIS, 2008-2016) - a UTS flagship research centre with 30+ academic staffs and 100+ PhD students. He was the founding director for UTS Data Science (2016-2017) that was a UTS organization to promote the cross-discipline research collaboration in terms of data-driven applications. He was appointed to Associate Vice President at UTS in 2017.

had been elected as the Chair of the ACS National Committee for Artificial Intelligence since 2005. He is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society (ACS). In addition, from 2012 to 2014, he had been a college of expert on the ARC panel. He was also elected as the Chairman (2014-2018) of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics (TCII). He has served three world-leading academic conferences (ICDM-2010, KDD-2015, IJCAI-2024) as the General Chair.