Paper submission will be through: EasyChair.

  • ADMA Workshop 1:   Analytics on Medical and Healthcare Data

In medical research and healthcare, there are many large data sets which are related to each other in terms of the clinical trials, medical research publications, Electronic Health Records (HER), annual health check-up records, and patient bed-side monitoring data. In this workshop we solicit the current technologies, algorithms, and systems working on medical and healthcare data. We especially welcome the case studies and reports on experiments on how we can connect the relevant medical and health data sets together to deal with issues such as differential privacy preservation for big data, intelligent agent technology for diseases prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management, algorithms for predicting health states for ageing individuals, or image processing and understanding in biomedical processes. 

  • ADMA Workshop 2:   Analytics on Information Network Data

The information network data processing technology is experiencing revolutionary changes in each stage including data collecting, cleaning, organizing, interpreting, analytics, utilizing and visualization. Such datasets may be generated from social media platforms, transportation system, web based linked pages, as well as any graph-like data resources. These changes lead to a globally noticeable development trend of the convergence with big data frameworks, network analytical modelling, link or route prediction and recommendation systems in different real applications. To address such challenges, we invite original research works and guest speakers to present their state-of-the-art advancements in carrying out big network data analytics.