Elaborating the Bayesian Priors in Unsupervised Graph Embedding via Graph Concepts

Xiaojun Ma, Ziyao Li, Siwei Wei, Guojie Song and Chuan Shi.

Recursive RNN based Shift Representation Learning for Dynamic User-Item Interaction Prediction

Chengyu Yin, Senzhang Wang, Jinlong Du and Meiyue Zhang.

Influence Maximization based Active Learning in Noisy Setting

Yeliang Xiu, Zhenlei Wang and Hui Ma.

DGRL: Text Classification with Deep Graph Residual Learning

Boyan Chen, Bo Peng and Wenzheng Zhang.

Role-aware Enhanced Matching Network for Multi-Turn Response Selection in Customer Service Chatbots

Guangxuan Zhao, Ying Zhu, Shi Feng, Daling Wang and Ge Yu.

Computational methods for predicting Autism Spectrum Disorder from gene expression data

Junpeng Zhang, Thin Nguyen, Buu Truong, Lin Liu, Jiuyong Li and Thuc Duy Le.

Query-Based Recommendation by HIN Embedding with PRE-LSTM

Zhuoming Liu, Yu-Miao Hui and Ling Huang.

Decision support system for acupuncture treatment of ischemic stroke

Ying Shen, Joel Colloc and Armelle Jacquet-Andrieu.

SS-AOE: Subspace based classification framework for avoiding over-confident errors

Wang Xinqi, Yu Dan and Lai Guanjun.

Personal Health Index based on Residential Health Examination

Guanjun Lai, Dan Yu, Shuai Zhang, Zelin Wei and Xiaoyu Sun.

Subspace-Weighted Consensus Clustering for High-Dimensional Data

Xiaosha Cai and Dong Huang.

Detecting Topic and Sentiment Dynamics Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Using Social Media

Hui Yin, Shuiqiao Yang and Jianxin Li.

TOP-R Keyword-Aware Community Search

Xiaoxu Song and Bin Wang.

Representing EHRs with Temporal Tree and Sequential Pattern Mining for Similarity Computing

Suresh Pokharel, Guido Zuccon, Xue Li and Yu Li.

Research of Medical Aided Diagnosis System Based on Temporal Knowledge Graph

Fanfei Song, Bin Wang and Yifan Tang.

HisRec: Bridging Heterogeneous Information Spaces for Recommendation via Attentive Embedding

Jingwei Ma, Lei Zhu, Jiahui Wen and Mingyang Zhong.

SecureRec: Privacy-Preserving Recommendation with Distributed Matrix Factorization

Wenyan Liu, Junhong Cheng, Xiangfeng Wang and Xiaoling Wang.

Encrypted Traffic Classification using Graph Convolutional Networks

Shuang Mo, Ding Xiao, Wenrui Wu, Shaohua Fan and Chuan Shi.

High-quality Plane Wave Compounding using Deep Learning for Hand-held Ultrasound Devices

Guo, Zhang, Ma, Li, Bao and Yu.

Densely Connected Bidirectional LSTM With Max-pooling of CNN Network for Text Classification

Qinghong Jiang, Huaping Zhang, Jianyun Shang and Ian Wesson.

MPB: Multi-Peak Binarization for Pupil Detectione

Chengkun He, Xiangmin Zhou and Chen Wang.

FabricGene: A higher-level feature representation of fabric patterns for nationality classification

Shuang Yu, Xiongfei Li, Hancheng Wang, Xiaoli Zhang and Shiping Chen.

Discriminative Feature Generation for Mortality Prediction in ICU

Suresh Pokharel, Zhenkun Shi, Guido Zuccon, Xue Li and Yu Li.

Declarative User-Item Profiling Based Context-Aware Recommendation

Rosni Lumbantoruan, Xiangmin Zhou and Yongli Ren.

Online Community Identification Over Heterogeneous Attributed Directed Graphs

Zezhong Wang, Xiangmin Zhou, Yuliang Ma and Xun Yi.

Optimizing Scorings and Sortings for Faster WAND Processing

Kun Jiang, Lei Zhu and Qindong Sun.

Motion Artifacts Detection from Computed Tomography Images

Xiaoyu Sun, Feng Huang, Guanjun Lai, Dan Yu, Bin Zhang, Baozhu Guo and Zhuang Ma.

A Context-aware Computing Method of Sentence Similarity Based on Frame Semantics

Wenjing Liu, Tiexin Wang, Zhibin Yang and Jingwen Cao.

Suicide Risk Assessment Model based on Fuzzy Mathematics

Yuan Xu, Dongmao Chen, Jianfen Xu, Qunxia Gao and Lijuan Shang.

Low-Light Image Enhancement With Color Transfer Based On Local Statistical Feature

Zhigao Zhang.

Applications of Big Data in Tourism: A Survey

Malika Becha, Oumayma Riabi, Yasmine Benmessaoud and Hela Masri.

NOV-RSI: A Novel Optimization Algorithm for Mining Rare Significance Itemse

Huan Phan and Bac Le.

Discovering High Utility Itemsets Using Set-Based Particle Swarm Optimization

Wei Song and Junya Li.

Rice Leaf Diseases Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks

Syed Md. Minhaz Hossain, Md. Monjur Morhsed Tanjil, Mohammed Abser Bin Ali, Mohammad Zihadul Islam, Md.Saiful Islam, Sabrina Mobassirin, Iqbal H. Sarker and S. M. Riazul Islam.

Tuser3: A profile matching based algorithm across three heterogeneous social networks

Atika Mbarek, Salma Jamoussi and Abdelmajid Benhamadou.




Loners stand out. Identification of anomalous subsequences based on group performance

Martha Tatusch, Gerhard Klassen and Stefan Conrad.

Pre-trained StyleGAN based data augmentation for small sample brain CT motion artifacts detection

Kang Su, Erning Zhou, Xiaoyu Sun, Che Wang, Dan Yu and Xianlu Luo.

Hierarchical and Pairwise Document Embedding for Plagiarism Detection

Ruitong Zhang, Jiaofu Zhang, Zihang Huang, Liangxuan Zhao, Hao Peng and Tongge Xu.

D2NE: Deep Dynamic Network Embedding

Chao Kong, Baoxiang Chen, Qi Zhou, Dongfang Wang, Jiahui Chen, Yifan Chen and Liping Zhang.

MSPP: A Highly Efficient and Scalable Algorithm for Mining Similar Pairs of Points

Subrata Saha, Ahmed Soliman and Sanguthevar Rajasekaran.

Learning the Concept Embeddings of WordNet for Calculating Semantic Similarity

Jiangtao Qiu.

Cross Product And Attention Based Deep Neural Collaborative Filtering

Zhigao Zhang.

Evolutionary strategy for graph embedding

Jin Jin and Dan Yu.

A Neighbor-aware Group Recommendation Algorithm

Rong Pu, Bin Wang and Xinqiang Xie.

STCNet: Spatial-Temporal Convolution Network for Traffic Speed Prediction

Mingjun Ma, Ding Xiao, Yugang Ji and Chuan Shi.

IPMM: Cancer Subtype Clustering Model Based on Multiomics Data and Pathway and Motif Information

Xinpeng Guo, Yanli Lu and Xuequn Shang.

Blockchain-based Privacy Preserving Trust Management Model in VANET

Ruochen Liang, Bohan Li and Xinyang Song.

Brain CT Image Augmentation based on PGGAN and FBP for Artifact Detection

Che Wang, Xiaoyu Sun, Bin Zhang, Guanjun Lai, Dan Yu and Kang Su.

ATextCNN Model: A New Multi-Classification Method for Police Situation

Wang Wenhuan, Ding Feng, Li Bohan and Tian Jiaying.