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Route I. 60 km from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. You can take airport express bus (shuttle bus) to Shishan(狮山), the bus stops at the Nanhai Jiayi International Hotel and it costs about 50 RMB. Or take taxi with around 200 RMB.

Route II. 10 km from Foshan West Railway Station (Taxi with around 30 RMB.)

Route III. 25 minutes by light rail from Guangzhou to Shishan.








The Zumiao Street in District was originally called Foshan Town. It is one of the four famous towns in ancient China, one of the four largest gatherings in the world, one of the birthplaces of Lingnan culture and a national historical and cultural city. It is a well-known hometown of martial arts, hometown of medicines, and folk The art town is densely preserved with 8 historical and cultural blocks.






The history of Danzao dates back to the Neolithic Age more than 5,000 years ago. From the time when Ge Hong of the Jin Dynasty set up a stove to make alchemy here, Danzao plays a historical legend of outstanding people.






Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center is located in Foshan New City, Shunde. The stadium is the main building of the sports center. The name "Century Lotus" comes from this lotus-shaped stadium. The stadium has a construction area of 78,193 square meters, a height of 50 meters, and a roof diameter of 310 meters.


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